How important to sleep

    In 1964, a 17-year-old American named Randy Gardner recorded a statistic of 11 day of person who are consecutively sleepless. In fact, ordinary people like us can’t sleep only one or two nights, so we wake up with no refresh feeling. If you don’t sleep for a long time like as that, how the body will be next. It has been explored from the all life of the people, we spend of sleeping time about one of third part from our life. Why nature has created us to devote time to sleep so much. In fact, sleep is more important to human life than we know.

    Sleep is a safe function for the body. In each day, the body needs to repair the wear and tear back to work as well. In the repair process, it requires energy. During normal times, the body uses a lot of energy, so the ideal time to repair that it should be when the body uses less energy. When we sleep, the body is not moving. The eyes which receive an image, then sending it to the brain, is shut down. In addition, sleep is also associated with the brain process too. For sleeping in NON REM time, Cerebral Cortex and Thalamus have memory functions. It’s still working. All the information that we receive daily day, it will be selected that what information is needed to live. If it’s necessary, it is stored in the brain. If it is not necessary, it will be deleted. There may be some information that isn’t sure, so it will be waiting for a while. In addition, there’s various chemicals which have the function to send the signal between the nerves, such as histamine, dopamine, norepinephrine, etc. These internal and biological systems are mechanisms that make us sleep better. Sleep is a cycle that can be divided into 3 periods, and each period will result in different benefits to the body. It consists of nap, deep sleep, and dream. It’s called “Cycle’s sleeping.” When it’s completed, this is going to cycle into a new cycle again.

    If we don’t sleep in all 3 period, we have to start counting again and it means that the process of body repair and brain process that are not completed. Many people sleep and then wake up, they don’t feel refreshed, irritated or have drowsiness. That may be because you don’t sleep enough. It can be caused during sleep, there is a voice that makes you wake up such as snoring, which causes you to lack oxygen, light, or dream. When you wake up, your brain is working harder again. The brain is the part that controls the whole body, so less sleep or insomnia can also affect to your body.

    You can see that sleep is related to the brain and how it’s important. We should focus on the quality of sleep. The body needs 6-8 hours, should rest in airy locations, have suitable light and no noise. You should not eat or drink before go to bed 4-6 hours. It also includes to use any electronic media. Then, you should drink warm water before sleeping. For following of all, this is to maintain the body and brain to stay with you for a long time.

Reference: article “Sleep deprivation, psychosis and mental efficiency”, March.1998
Article: How long can humans stay awake, 25/03/2002

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