How to help for scatterbrain

        Many forgetful people are often frustrated with themselves and often blame themselves for forgetting something such as forgetting to send a job, forgetting the documents, forgetting the schedule. Until the top topics are that can’t remember to lock the door to your house, where the phone is or forget the girlfriend birthday. Many people ask us why we can’t remember that many things are important. Today we will explain why and how to solve the problem. Of course, life will be happy without doubt.

All stories start with small pieces in brain, the Hippocampus, which is shaped like a sea horse. It’s like as RAM on a computer. When the story goes through the hippopotamus, it saves information in the brain at intervals. If we have not been involved with that information, it will be removed in the end. The example, when we memorize the exam books, the data will be lost. However, if we read that information repeatedly. Those data will be saved as permanent memory or a long-term memory itself. So if we want to overcome forgetfulness, we need to find a way to help hippopotamus in a simple way.

Review before bedtime

        Before going to sleep, you have a look at what you have found in the past, and what you have to prepare yourself then you’ll sort the events before going to bed. Doing this will not only help the duplicate recorder, it also organizes information to keep the information organized. It’s also easy to find when it’s needed.

Check your bag every day

Let's take a few moments before leaving home. You should try to open the bag and see what the various things. Are there in it that’s necessary to use it, or not? Is there anything else missing for that day? These little things are what the brain doesn’t remember. It makes us imagine that there are those things in the bag, but in fact it may not exist. It is the source of forgetting important things each day.

Remember and then lecture it 

        How easy can we do it? Each day we receive a message or listen to a lot of stories, even if those things we will remember, but it's just a short-term memory. If we don’t repeat the information, finally, the information is automatically deleted. Taking notes, even if it's just a short important keyword, it will help keep those messages or stories longer. If combined with another review, it becomes a long-term memory.

With this simple method, it will make our forgetfulness that’s so good until we don’t have to worry anymore.

Reference: Academic article “Long-term memory for a common object” by Nickerson, R.S. and Adams, M. from Cognitive Psychology Magazine in 1979

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