Brain development with books

        It is well known that our brains are the keys to success in life. One of the shortcuts that will allow the brain to function completely is reading. Each year, books are produced in tens of thousands of books and each book has its own value because the book is like a life experience, knowledge experience, and stories that the author has written elaborately on the page. When we read those books, it’s like that we have a shortcut to our experiences. Many times, it is a shortcut to the door of success. How can we know which book will help develop our brain?

First of all, we need to understand the principles of the brain. The brain is divided into the left and right cerebral hemisphere. The left brain is responsible for calculating, analyzing, and reasoning. The right brain acts as an emotional control, creativity, imagination. Professor Deborah Eyre, author of the book, Great Minds and How to Grow Them, presents research on neuroscience and psychology. The amazing thing about the brain is that even though the two brains are acting differently. It has the same function which is to understand and remember when we read. The left hemisphere will help us remember the information as slowly as possible with the rational thought while the right brain will allow us to get a lot of information from reading quickly. Therefore, if we want to develop our brain. You should choose 2 big books:

1.Books which is related to jobs or things to do

When reading this books that update and write about the work which we do every day or books related to the industry or business that we are operating regularly, we will develop and improve our career. Let us make a sedimentation of thought to the brain because of a mistake or a modern perspective. The information that will give us the expertise, and the simple way to help develop our work incredible.

2.Books about what you love

Beside to the first book, we should relax ourselves with books that do not require much reading effort or reading it until stressed. It does not always have to be a book that deals with the work you do. You should choose an interest topic. If you read and feel happy, the brain is relaxed from the imagination and increase the happiness. Many things have a mixture of imagination, it also makes life and the brain is not too dry.

3.Motivational book

A book that inspires people to succeed is made of real stories make us feel encouraged. Even a book that reflects the concept or perspective of life and it makes us feel that life is valuable. It also gives a fire in the lifestyle. To read these inspirational books gives us a way to think and struggle. It always keeps your immunity too.

It’s for understanding the small brain that will allow us to revise the book and help to improve our brain and life and to succeed that can be done manually.

Reference: Book “Great Minds and How to Grow Them: High Performance Learning” written by Wendy Berliner and Deborah Eyre in 2017

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