Easy way how to remember exactly

Hypothalamus has a tremendous miracle that has the ability to memorize stories hugely, but that does not mean it can remember all of story in our lives. Because the brain will have a deleted system for stories that won’t be benefit in life. The simplest way to stimulate memory in everyday life is to help the brain developed. Then, which way will help us not to dementia sooner than scheduled?

1. Remember things in the refrigerator

Many of the things we bought were stored in the refrigerator and then it was forgotten. The memory will return when the smell of it begins to blow to you. It signs that it have expired or taken me away. These events are like little stories that happen to us and we do not care much or don’t practice the brain to remember. The brain considers that these things aren’t necessary, so you don’t need to remember. Finally, we will forget it. Training the brain to remember before we put things in the refrigerator, then the brain brings the information to the logical part to save. If you’ve done intentionally when the time is right, the brain will retrieve them and remind us again. Practice to remember things in the refrigerator, it is like stimulating the brain to work fully. Not just recording. It also means to restore it back.

2. Working Desk

Some of the work desks are full of items that do not know where the pieces are. Keeping the desk on hand will help us to remember which pieces are important and essential to work and where it should be located. This system is like as brain organization with the lot of information in the brain we have. Training the brain is to know how to organize and select what is needed. When we want to use the information, the brain can be dismantled and removed easily. The keeping desk and the brain are like a practice picking to leave or have. Let us distinguish between our waste and memories.

3. Write a note.

Writing notes, it helps the hippopotamus brain has been working routinely. It also screened events and the important thing that comes into our lives each day. Normally, we perceive those stories through senses, but to screen out what stories are worth remembering, the brain needs emphasis process which is taking note. At least, we think of it, it will help the brain working easier. By writing down a note or computer, it will help the situation to be with our memory for a while.

4. Listen to old favorite songs.

Music or old melodies that we've always liked, it’s kept in the drawer of the lower brain. Do you know that the special of these songs is always kept story with together? The example, this song we listen to when it’s the first heartbreak, or the song we listen to when high school friend’s music fans in college send it in Valentine's Day. This is because of the memories, it is always accompanied by a feeling of compassion. Therefore, re-listening to old music, it just like to force the brain to search back to those situations. If you can remember the details of the event as much as you can do, that shows that the brain can store and recall those memories as efficiently as possible.

5. Sing a song without reading lyrics

When we go to karaoke or have the opportunity to sing in front of others. Many people solve the shy problem by looking at the TV screen or iPad, or reading at the lyrics on the mobile phone. Do you know that it is use of single brain from reading the lyrics? So if you want to use the brain fully, you should practice remembering those lyrics and sing it out with your mind. Because singing means you are using the left brain and use the right brain to evaluate the accuracy, both are working together. You often practice like this, the brain will remember other things better. 


Article: Pill to caim traumatic memories on 18 March 2004 from Gazette New Agency of Harvard University.  (www.hno.harvard.edu/gazette)

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