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When leaving The Avengers Theater, I asked myself how we would be able to make the human body work with machines efficiently in the future because it's a very important piece of human control that we can do routines. In the normal life, the brain is so complex. As our years of living on this planet, technology advances dramatically for the human race. The concept idea of artificial intelligence (AI) is more talkative and highly regarded by people around the world. It’s not just in the industry. Not long ago, in 2018, China presented the world's first AI announcer, creating a shock to the mass media. Many people may understand that artificial intelligence is similar to the engine that we enter in some programs to work. However, in the medical and scientific fields for creating a technology can connect with complex human activities with the brain, it have been for many decades. Those developments are very interesting and likely to be relevant to our future lives.

In 2004, a research team led by Dr. John Dorothyhughe of the Brown University, have done a brain surgery by the brain of a volunteer named Matt who got the severe accident that the spinal cord was missing and paralyzed him. The procedure is to open the skull and install the microchip. This tiny microchip is responsible for receiving electrical signals from the neurons around them. Then the signal sent out on the small light panel connecting to the computer system outside. Then Matt acted to control the computer's mouse by using the idea that the mouse's arrow moves to the left or right. It was difficult in the beginning. However, when training is not long passing. Matt can control mouse actively until he can check email, change the TV channel, play the game by using only his thinking. For people who are paralyzed, it is a great story. The computer system that connects to the brain is called the BrainGate. The human mind has just ended. Dr. Donahue hopes to develop this experiment indefinitely. In the future, Matt's brain is connected to an electric wheelchair. He can force it to move. It may also include a connection to the spinal cord to instruct the muscles. The body back to work again.

In the future, human beings may have to work or live by connecting the brain with technology same as Matt, or our thoughts may do more concrete things. Damage to the body may not be effective if our brain is still safe or may not need to be structure anymore. We just have the brain, so we can continue to live. These stories should be the definitive answer that the brain is a miracle for man. Brain can create bad things or make big changes to this world. Therefore, it depending on the brain that will choose which route to take.


Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human book by Dr. Chorost in 2005

Article: My Bionic Quest for Bolero from Wired Magazine in 2005

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