No good studying doesn’t mean stupid.

Many people have been jealous of their friends or close ones with them. Sometimes you may think why you’re not good or not smart as others, why we don’t have the ability or can’t think something. Then, you feel disappointed with yourself.

In Thai society, if you talk about the intelligence. We are bound to the brain and study. That means if we study in Thai school system when our GPA comes out in low scores, it also represents our low level of intelligence as well. Actually, the intelligence is not measured by just learning but it can be measured from the various aspects. For example, if we say that we are intelligent people who understand others or can understand trees, grass, wind and sunlight, it may sound somewhat fearsome. However, in the real world, there is evidence by Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University. He studies to categorize human intelligence into eight aspects by comparing with the brain function. Let's explore our own intelligence which type is suitable in order to develop yourself in the right direction and don’t be accused anymore.

1. Linguistic 

Those people who are intelligent can learn new vocabularies quickly, and memorize places and details such as poems, tales, stories, or good communication.

2. Logical-Mathematical

People who are clever in logic have a good link between cause and result. They can solve complex problems, classify of various things and like to find answers and solve problems.

3. Musical  

They can mix words and melodies efficiently and have skills in playing music and singing. They’re also poetical.

4. Bodily-Kinesthetic

Their favorite activities are movement agility which can use the body and posture well. They prefer the operation work, exercise and often have athletic ability.

5. Spatial 

They can create images in the brain, convert text to be concrete have high imagination, creativity and good direction.

6. Interpersonal

They can interact with people around it. They have a Leadership skill and understand others. They also have a lot of friends.

7. Intrapersonal 

They have high intention, self-control and clear goal in life. They’re always self-motivated and straightforward. They also realize the value in yourself and love fairness.

8. Naturalistic 

They love adventure, and interest in nature, animals and humans. They have sense for weather, love to plant, and high tolerance.

If you notice that the eight aspects intelligence of the above mentioned are the dominant features of the left and right hemisphere brain to categorize. In actually, the brain of the people, they are working together but in the system integrated will be featured in some points. Abroad, there is promoting individual talents of kids if they discover what they are interested in. However, in Thailand, people can choose when attending university and the family is still influential in method of choosing. In high school, we won’t mention it because we have only two ways, the line is the science and art. It is in conflict with the work in the brain that is more interested or skillful. Is it time to understand and open up new perspectives on brain function? Perhaps, the big problem such as the educational system can be resolved easily by understanding what is in our head.


Journal of Education, Vol. 1 - January 3, about the Life and Work of Howard Gardner.

Associate Professor Dr. Yaowapa Dechagupta

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