Talking with brain

 “Today, do we go to eat Japanese restaurant that we went there last week?

“Oh!, There’s the delicious soup. Let’s go”

You have ever known or not for your conversation with people around you like as the daily stories in living that can indicate our effective brain.

According to the study of Dr. Kato Tochinori, a specialist in research about treatment and brain development, you should talk to people around you with fun to stimulate the functioning of the hippocampus brain which it is part of the Limbic system. It is important to create memories that is especially long-term memories and related to various behaviors during the conversation, the Cerebrum will work with the Hippocampus to act as a memo. If the hippocampus cannot work effectively, we will not be able to remember the detail of the conversation.

As in the case of Alzheimer's patients, it causes abnormalities in the Entorhinal Cortex: EC, which is near Amygdala and the center of expression. Therefore, the Alzheimer's patients are unable to express emotions with stories or conversations or sometimes there is a moody expression. In patients with severe symptoms may affect the interaction with those around you, so the brain that works effectively will let us to chat smoothly, help us to focus on the interlocutor and reply with content that is in the same direction and is appropriate.

If your brain is still able to work effectively, creating a good conversation is a skill that requires learning and practice. In order for us to enjoy talking with people in daily life, Ms. Yoshida Hisanori, host of the famous Nippon Broadcasting System, Japan's famous radio station have discovered some technique that help improve communication deficiencies and develop into a good dialogue From the goal of speaking to create a good relationship with others. You should think of the conversation as a "game" based on consideration of the feelings of others when you talk with.

The methods:

1. To practice developing skills in questioning by starting with the selection of questions that the interlocutor can answer easily and can be used to talk further

2. To practice "analyze surrounding" or analyze the situation while you are talking from observing the body language of the interlocutors, such as facial expressions or tones to adjust the mood to match the conversation partner.

3. Decrease the speaking of words that have negative meanings, such as the word "no", to reduce the stimulation of the division of human instincts and reduce negative feelings that may occur.

These techniques can help stimulate the brain by training you to pay attention to the interlocutor and help develop good conversations with people around you in our daily living to be more fun.


Book: Brain training for Alzheimer: Dr. Kato Tochino Noo

Book: Why have I talked with this person then felt good?

       : Yoshida Hisanori writer, Yosuke translator

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