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Take the personality test with this new study.


(Suitable for children aged 6 years and up.)

ศาสตร์ใหม่ NeuroPsychology หรือ วิชาประสาทจิตวิทยา

We study and research new subjects to understand the human brain from
the very beginning in order to achieve the best results for both you,
father and mother.

“You don't have to let your child go through trial and error and waste time again.”

Once you become acquainted with GeniusX ALPHA, the only institution that applies the principles of Neuroscience to analyze thinking systems with utmost accuracy.

Advancing with technology and analyzed results
from over 100,000 tested individuals.

Test via Online System for Analysis with Smart AI and Big Data Database collected.
Allows you to get test results quickly, anytime, anywhere, and view past results without limitations.
The test takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, and you will receive the results immediately.

Statistics of test takers by 30 types

What you will receive:

A detailed analysis of an individual child's thought system,
Result up to 20 pages
Understanding the child's thinking system thoroughly, explaining their personality from all angles
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the child, in order to address and develop them promptly.
Techniques for managing finances for children and individuals
Recommendations for suitable careers.
Enhance advice to handle any situation in daily life.
Be able to progress towards choosing a career path that suits oneself.
Review past exam results without limitations.
Brain 10 learning course for parents.
For accuracy, 1 test set per 1 test taker.
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This is the feeling of those who have tried the "GeniusX ALPHA" test.

Life is the result of the thinking system.

The GeniusX ALPHA test, a new subject, is different from general tests.
We analyze children by delving into the thinking system of the test taker directly.
We evaluate individuals based on decision-making through various situations that will demonstrate that the individual's brain works in a special way.


“Reflecting behaviour of the brain”

Based on principles of Neuroscience, it can be summarised that humans have the ability to develop their own brain. There is constant change and development happening, and it never stays the same throughout time.

GeniusX ALPHA aims to help children understand themselves, starting from today, and learn to cope with who they are in order to design their future and continuously develop themselves without limits.

GeniusX is different from DNA testing, which is used by medical professionals to determine relationships between individuals or assess genetic predispositions to certain diseases. DNA testing cannot predict awareness, decision-making processes, and behaviour derived from human thought systems.

Additionally, we are different from fingerprinting, which is used for physical identification purposes. Fingerprinting is mainly used to verify a person's physical identity.

Test for children

Recommended test


Genius X Brainskill test.

Delve into the system of thinking of each individual thought a test Genius X is developed from knowledge in neuroscience,“ the brain skill development of Genius X Brain” New science developed to understand the "human brain" and the "principles of human thinking"

We develop the thinking system,Skills in problem-solving, decision-making, negotiation, and learning from our own brain, as well as the brains of others, to maximize benefits in creating good relationships in family, work, living, and to develop abilities for the digital age.



A test to measure intelligence in 5 dimensions for children:
• Social Intelligence (SQ)
• Positive Intelligence (PQ)
• Problem-solving Intelligence (AQ) (Adversity Quotient.)
• Creative Intelligence (CQ)
• Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Measured based on the child's thinking system, problem-solving methods, and way of living, in order to enhance necessary and appropriate skills for each child. This will lead to continuous learning, growth, and future adaptation.


Growth Mindset Test

This test measures the framework of children's thinking and attitudes that affect beliefs and behaviours towards different events, based on their learning styles and problem-solving abilities.

This test will help children understand their own thoughts and attitudes, leading to the development of thinking and growth, and allows them to learn without limitations.

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